The presence of Golrang Ventures in the pre-event of the 9th Fajr Computer Games Festival

Golrang Ventures attended the pre-event of the 9th Fajr Computer Games Festival at Salam 100 Startups event center on Monday, December 6.

This event was held with the theme of investment and with the presence of a group of game makers, publishers, accelerators and venture capitalists in the field of creative and knowledge-based industries.

Afshin Khalili Samani, chief investment expert of Golrang Ventures, announced in this event; Golrang Ventures, as the venture investment arm of Golrang Industrial Group, welcomes investment in the field of computer games and is ready to examine applicant teams and companies.

He continued from our point of view; The game field is still in the blue ocean and is very attractive for investment and co-investment.

Khalili Samani finally pointed to the investment call of Golrang Ventures in this area and invited the applicants to register their application in the innovation portal of this CVC in order to enter the investment meetings and negotiations.

Report of the National Computer Games Foundation

حضور گلرنگ ونچرز در پیش رویداد نهمین جشنواره بازی‌های رایانه‌ای فجر

According to the public relations report of the National Computer Games Foundation; In the continuation of this event, Hassan Mehdi Asl, the CEO of “Sorna Games” Company and Mustafa Kivanian, the CEO of “Ano” Studio, spoke about the challenges and opportunities of the game industry in Iran.And after that, a panel discussion on investment opportunities in Iran’s computer games industry, conducted by Arash Sarvari, an expert in the field of technology, and with the presence of Mohammad Mahdi Behfarrad, CEO of “Madrik” Studio, Mohammad Zahtabi, CEO of “Paizan” Studio, Ali Nadalizadeh, CEO of “Tod” Studio, Abolfazl Sadegh The CEO of Tetrapuzzle Studio, Shahriar Azharianfar, CEO of Nardban Andisheh Farda Studio, Alireza Farahani, Vice President of Regulatory and Business of the National Computer Games Foundation, as well as the participation of some managers and representatives of investment funds and accelerators, were held.

Mohammad Amin Haji Hashemi, CEO of the foundation, referring to the current approach in providing a new path for holding the 9th Fajr Computer Games Festival, stated: In these years, the game industry in the country somehow managed to find its way with all the internal shortcomings and external problems, and now It has reached a point where we believe that it should introduce and connect the strengths.

The secretary of the 9th Fajr Computer Games Festival said: Currently, we have more than 10 companies in the country that have international activities and were able to fully design the production and supply chain.

Registration of the 9th Fajr Computer Games Festival

گزارش بنیاد ملی بازی‌های رایانه‌ای

The deadline for participation in the 9th Fajr computer games festival and Ghazal launch pad investment event has been extended until December 15.

Also, the second pre-event of the investment section of the 9th Fajr Computer Games Festival will be held in January, during which investors will present their opinions and select the best games for investment.

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