Innovation Camp

Open innovation has a simple idea; Creating permeability between the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship inside and outside the organization, which can be implemented in several ways.
Innovation camp is one of these paths that can provide an entry way for businesses with a low investment readiness level and provide them with a platform for growth by using their potential. In this camp, an atmosphere based on cooperation between the participants is created, where the expert population and powerful experience provide an ideal environment for the creation of innovative projects.

Golrang Ventures innovation camp

Golrang Ventures ecosystem development unit is planning the in-person course of the startup camp project in order to create a path for empowering people with potential and innovation, team building, creating a business and connecting it to the organization's supply chain. This project includes the parts of preparation, review and selection, team building and ideation and presentation of the initial product and entering the startup studio.
The focus of the startup camp's acceptance areas is on future technologies and the safflower supply chain, which can have a great impact on the creation of value by this large industrial group in the world.


Who are the audience of the course?

  • Innovative people with business ideas
  • Skilled and expert people interested in starting a business
  • Individuals, groups or teams that have identified a specific, big and important problem in this area and are concerned about solving it.
  • Individuals, groups or teams who have a vision to solve the issues raised and are ready to implement it
کمپ نوآوری

goals for holding the camp

  • Empowering people with potential and interested in starting a business
  • Targeted shaping of startup ideas and teams according to the needs of the group
  • Targeted shaping of startup ideas and teams to suit the international market
  • Finding solutions to solve group problems using start-ups
  • Creating a networking platform between experts and capable people
  • Providing opportunities for communication and learning between industry managers as mentors and teams
  • Help mature ideas and teams using existing infrastructure
  • Team building and investing in businesses based on the edge of technology
  • Development of Golrang Industrial Group innovation ecosystem
  • Branding Gulrang Ventures