Golrang Ventures invites teams and companies active in the field of computer games and interested in attracting capital Register From now until November 30, you have time.
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Golrang Innovation Award Register 500,000,000Tomans,
for the most creative ideas that are registered in order to improve work processes and existing challenges.
کمپ نوآوری دام و طیور Golrang Ventures Livestock and Poultry Innovation Camp Register A 3-month course that covers co-operation and rout planning with powerful industry players beyond the limits Fundraising request In the investment process, we do not have any restrictions on the scope, model and amount of capital

We are the venture capital arm of Golrang…

As the corporate venture capital (CVC) of Golrang Industrial Group, our activities started in August 2001, focusing on creating synergy in the development of new businesses that are in line with the value chain of this industrial group. We believe that building an ecosystem that has a successful industrial group with more than 50 years of experience and more than 100 well-known brands at the national and international level, with startups and innovative technological companies, will have an effective result. At Golrang Ventures, entrepreneurs who want to change the world have the opportunity to do so. They have at their disposal a vast business network, with the experience of Golrang industrial group and the knowledge of an expert investment team.

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From cash capital to entering global markets!

Golrang Industrial Group believes that in addition to corporate strategy, innovation should be at the forefront of the minds of every person at all levels of the organization. At Golrang innovation is practiced daily and should not only be implemented as a last resort.
We at Golrang Ventures welcome negotiations with teams that deal with the value chain of internal companies and assists in their growth in targeted global markets.
Undoubtedly, in addition to receiving capital funding, the selected teams will have access to the world market, clients, brands and the Golrang experience.

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