Calling for investment in the field of gaming

Golrang Ventures invites teams and companies active in the field of computer games who are interested in attracting capital.

We believe in the future of the gaming industry, its potential, the strength of gaming teams and their ability to excel in this rapidly growing market. Golrang Ventures’ goal is to unlock new opportunities and help you achieve greater success while doing what you love.

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Why choose GolrangVentures?


 Golrang Ventures was established as the corporate venture capital (CVC) arm of Golrang Industrial Group, focusing on creating synergy in the development of new businesses in line with the group's value chain. We believe; Building an ecosystem with the presence of a successful industrial group with more than 50 years of experience and more than 100 well-known brands at the national and international level, along with startups, innovative businesses and technology companies, will have an effective result. Here, the breadth of the market and the knowledge of Golrang Industrial Group and an expert investment team are at the disposal of those who want; change the world

What are the admission requirements?

Companies or teams that;

have primary product,

The product is available on game delivery platforms,

have succeeded in attracting users and creating transactions,

What are the areas of acceptance?

  • This call covers all areas of the game industry, including computer, video, mobile, console games, as well as related infrastructure.

What is the acceptance period?

From now until November 30, you have time to send us your request.

How to register?

You can enter your information through the fundraising request form so that we can check it.

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How much is Gulrang Ventures' investment?

Golrang Ventures advances its investments according to the requests and needs of the teams.

After initial review and approval, we evaluate and value your business. Then according to the existing potentials, cash and non-cash investments are made.


By completing the registration form, your application will be registered. After checking, we will inform you of the result via email. Note; The information you send is kept with us and is only used to check entering into investment negotiations.
For more information, you can contact us through the contact number 02142661000 extension 820.