The presence of Golrang Ventures in the artificial intelligence exhibition of Isfahan

Following the Isfahan artificial intelligence exhibition held on the sidelines of the fifth Mustafa Award event, Golrang Ventures also visited this exhibition and its booths with the eyes of an investor. Golrang Ventures, as the venture investment arm of Golrang Industrial Group, welcomed the current trends of the world, especially artificial intelligence, on the 7th of October, attended the IAI 2023 exhibition at the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, and in addition to visiting the booths, held meetings in the innovation ecosystem of Isfahan. the payment.

Exhibition details

According to the organizers; Elite Foundation of Isfahan Province, in cooperation with the Development Headquarters of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technologies of the Vice President of Science and Technology and the Center for International Science and Technology Interactions, with the aim of developing the domestic and international markets of Iran’s digital economy industry, set up this exhibition. This program was held on the 7th and 8th of October with the content of companies’ presentation, reverse presentation of the technological needs of artificial intelligence by large industries and B2B meetings with the aim of benefiting more Iranian companies from international and domestic opportunities.

CEO of Golrang Ventures; While thanking the organizers of this exhibition, especially the elite foundation of this province, he announced that “mature teams and companies have participated in this exhibition and are creating great value in their respective fields. The field of artificial intelligence is one of the attractive fields of investment in Golrang Ventures. And the negotiation sessions with these teams will continue in different ways.”

Golrang Ventures team; After visiting all the booths and talking to the technological and innovative teams and companies in the same space of the exhibition, he had a sincere conversation with the main actors of Isfahan’s innovation ecosystem. Some of these discussion sessions were attended by Qasim Moslehi, President of Science and Research Town, Mohammad Moruj Al-Ahkami, CEO, and Alireza Sharifmanesh, Research and Technology Fund Investment Manager, Mehran Karmi, CEO of Isfahan Hub Innovation Center, Ehsan Khayambashi, CEO of Vector Business Accelerator, Ali Mehazab, Director The bold investment agent Hodhod and Mehrdad Yazdani, CEO of the iFund crowdfunding platform, were held.

Golrang Ventures’ trip to Isfahan, as one of the provinces with high potential in the country’s innovation ecosystem, lasted one day, which is hopeful; The results of this trip brought valuable achievements in the development of Golrang Industrial Group’s innovation ecosystem.

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