Scrutiny of the transportation industry

Examining opportunities and threats

The logistics industry is currently undergoing transformative changes. Consider how Uber revolutionized the traditional way of delivering food, or how electric cars will affect the entire automotive industry, even flying cars are almost a reality. Technology has revolutionized the logistics industry through drone delivery and is shaping the future of package delivery. These innovative solutions primarily benefit end customers. However, the activities of logistics companies are still challenged by issues such as high cost, transparency, lack of trust and availability of data.

Comparing the situation of Iran’s logistics industry with the countries of MENA region can confirm the internal and external opportunities. In cross-border opportunities, identification of bottlenecks is one of the most important measures that is discussed in the second part of the report. Technology has always been a tool that has transformed industries, it is natural that this industry is no exception. In the third part, you can see a benchmark of 6 different businesses. Golrang Industrial Group, having several rich supply chains, has always tried to improve its processes, for this purpose, supply chain problems have also been investigated in the final section.

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