The second Gulrang Ventures event; It was held on January 19, 1401. In this event called Technology Trust, which was held online, we hosted about 300 people interested in technology in all sub-holdings of Golrang Industrial Group.
This webinar was held in several sections with the aim of introducing world technology trends with the focus of GITEX 2022 exhibition.

In the first part, Mrs. Solmaz Sadegh-Nia discussed the history of GITEX and its ecosystem.
GITEX trade fair with more than four decades of holding; In 2022, it added the suffix GLOBAL to show that GITEX is a global event with the presence of technology companies, startups, speakers and participants from more than 140 countries.
In the second part, there were 6 technological trends that were exhibited in GITEX; It was paid. These trends included communication technologies and 5G network, the future of transportation and its effects on the environment, cyber technology and cyber resilience, augmented analysis technology and artificial intelligence, digital economy and cloud computing technology.
In the third part; GITEX 2022 startup competition was introduced as SUPERNOVA PITCH CHALLENGE and then we discussed some of the meetings of this world exhibition.

In the final part; Global experiences in order to benefit from processes from the language of Ali Seluk; Ford’s technical product manager was introduced.
One of the trends is actually electric cars, now everyone in the world has come to the conclusion that electric cars will grow a lot, but first in Ford company, managers due to the technology and expensive batteries of electric cars, as well as the high cost of these cars Compared to gasoline and diesel cars, they did not agree with the production of these cars.
But some company managers really took a risk and went towards this process, I think one of the messages of this presentation is that managers should value the new trends in the world and keep them in mind in their decisions.
The next step was the interactivity of cars, which again Ford managers took a risk and accepted an increase of 700 dollars in the price of each car to put the modem in the cars because they believed that by getting information from customers through the Internet and continuously communicating with them through an application in the name of Ford, because drivers can talk to their car through it, for example, they can turn their car on or off, change its temperature, or even request before entering the car that it is waiting for them in front of the door at the desired temperature and when the car needs repairs or service, data is sent to the company through the application and a warning message is sent to the car owner.
Time to change oil, pads, brakes and we send one of our colleagues to provide the desired service and the car owner gets points during this process and can spend the points to buy other products.
Another trend that Ford and many other major automotive companies are currently focusing on is eating cars.


The rest of the proceedings and recorded videos of this webinar have been published on Golrang Ventures Apparat channel at
Also, the clips played in the event can be seen at the following addresses.

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